How to choose your personal loan?

The personal loan is a consumer credit with all the conditions fixed in advance, usable without proof of use. Cofidis helps you find the keys to subscribe to the one that best suits your needs.

Do you need financing to prepare your wedding? Does your car show signs of fatigue? You must replace your appliances? For your projects, you may not have the necessary cash. Think about the personal loan ..

What is a conventional personal loan?

The personal loan is a consumer credit, repayable by fixed monthly installments from 3 months.

This loan allows to finance any type of purchase and project (except real estate). It is not allocated to a specific project and you do not have to provide proof of the use of the borrowed sum. It can be subscribed to to meet an important or unexpected expenditure:

Replacing Your Car
Work in your flat for an amount less than or equal to 75 000 €
Renewal of Major Appliances
Etc …
The amount, the rate and the repayment terms are set at the time of the conclusion of the personal loan contract. You pay back in advance, which does not change, by constant monthly payments (except in the case of early repayment or modulation of the amount of the monthly payment).

Opt for the right loan

To choose the repayment terms that best suit you, define your needs and repayment capabilities upstream. Do not make too heavy a commitment: consider your budget on a daily basis. Think also to keep a margin of maneuver, to be able to honor the monthly payments in case of fall of income.

Take the time to compare the different repayment conditions, from our loan calculator or with the pre-contractual information sheet associated with each loan. It incorporates the following essential characteristics:
Amount borrowed
Duration of credit
Amount, number and periodicity of maturities
Total amount due
APR (annual percentage rate of charge). This gives you an overall view of the total cost of your credit, which you can compare with competing offers
Take into account the terms of the credit offer

The terms of the loan offer must be maintained by the lender for at least 15 days from their issuance by the lending agency.

By signing the offer, you agree to the terms of the contract. However, you have a withdrawal period of 14 days, during which you can reverse your decision. For its part, the lender has a period of approval of 7 days, during which he can accept or refuse the contract.

Once the request has been finalized and the withdrawal period has passed, the release of the funds can be made as soon as possible.